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Leather Firenze Genten Firenze: a leader for the whole field

The use of natural, high-fashion and long-lasting materials: these are the strong points of Genten Firenze, in addition to the strategic merger between Italy and Japan. The business is a boutique offering high quality products, which fulfill specific dynamics imposed by nature. It is a first-class enterprise, the leader in its field of competence. The high level of the products offered to the customer is accompanied by the great courtesy of a highly qualified staff, all in the context of an excellent service that since always helped to make the fortune of the company.

Leather Firenze Genten Firenze: a success based on the quality of the products

The boutique was opened in Florence in 2012. In these four years Genten Firenze has continued successfully and competently its activities. The added value has always been the quality: the company never compromises when it comes to offering its customers the best of what the industry can give. Customers know this, and have come to appreciate the high quality standards of a company that puts the customer always in the first place, and that brings together quality and kindness, also because of the importance felt by the entire staff about the interpersonal relationships which are created every time.

Leather Firenze Genten Firenze: the secret is the high level of the materials

Offering long-lasting products is a veritable diktat for the florentine company, which always respects nature. The bags are all made from naturally tanned leather, clothing is made from natural cotton, silk and cashmere, and all garments are processed without polluting materials. The leather actually comes from Tuscany: it has the highest quality and will last for a long time. These are the main warranties offered by the boutique specialized in leather Firenze, which always knows how to win over its customers thanks to a collection of really high quality garments and accessories.

Leather Firenze Genten Firenze: the products of a company that always puts the customers first

The boutique mainly offers products for women, but there are a lot of items for men too. The bags are designed and handcrafted directly by the company. All the products from the leather Firenze shop are made in Italy. Among the leather products are particularly remarkable the handbags, the leather accessories (wallets and belts), the shoes, the briefcases, the high-fashion clothing, the leather bottle holder, scarves (silk, cashmere, with inserts of calfskin and lamb), all creations which, as anyone can see, have no boundaries, even if the quest is to find a gift for a loved one.

Leather Firenze Genten Firenze: the advantages of a great team

To act as an engine for the entire activity is the aim of those who manage everything, thanks to the combination that unites Japan and Italy and that makes this boutique selling leather Firenze unique. The purpose of the company is to satisfy the customer, and above all to respect him in every aspect. How? Through a serious, rigorous and professional attitude. The customer is always welcomed with a well-deserved smile, to put him immediately at ease. Then there’s empathy, the same that allows everyone to really understand the actual needs of every single client, so one can suggest always the most suitable product.

Leather Firenze Genten Firenze: objectives and other information

The primary purpose of the company is the satisfaction of everyone who comes into the store, leveraging on the expertise and courtesy that has always characterized the service, thanks to a properly trained staff who perfectly knows every item on display. The secret is the acceptance of a consolidated method, built through their experience and ability to learn and to improve day by day. This is why the company specialized in leather Firenze can be really described as “cutting edge”. For everything else, please visit the website,


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